VHI Transport Freight Broker Agent Program
VHI’s Freight Broker Agent Program Overview:

VHI pays high commissions with no caps, no territory restrictions, no minimum margins, and the Freight Broker Agents customer base will always stay with you. That means NO NON-COMPETE CONTRACT!!! (Other freight broker agents companies will require you sign a non-compete contract that will prevent you from working customers you worked so hard to acquire if you leave the company. We believe that your hard work is well deserved, so your customers will stay with you if you ever chose to move on from our company)

Benefits for working with us:

* We have an established industry reputation 40+ years

* We are financially strong and debt free with “A” credit rating

* You use our broker authority, surety bond, and insurance

* We provide dispatch software and technical support

* We provide all the popular load boards to post freight and find trucks

* We provide quick customer and carrier setups so you can start booking freight with them

* We handle all billing, receivables, and payables

* No load processing fees, no hidden fees — your commission is your commission