logisticsVHI has offered customized logistics services to our customers for the last 5 years.  Our team is responsible for identifying solutions for our customers more complex logistics problems.

Some programs that we have implemented include:

A dedicated trailer pool of VHI owned equipment and contract power. This project managed over 25,000 full loads in 2014.

VHI has set up and managed several drop trailer programs. These include one way contract loads with a backhaul program to support our contract carrier.  VHI uses some of our owned trailers to supplement our carrier fleet.

In 2014, VHI managed several national rollouts to retail stores. Our last project delivered over 300 stores nationwide on the same day.

VHI also manages a barge service providing the software and operational support for an export customer. This service assisted the customer in managing port congestion and detention for export shipments.

If your company is interested in creative solutions to your complex transportation problems please contact Kristy Seaton at 804-414-1570.