5 Ways to Identify a Good Brokerage

Finding the right transportation broker can be challenging — especially with upward trending prices and a lack of human touch across the board.

If you’re starting to wonder if there’s room for improvement with your current brokerage, look no further. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to look out for when selecting a broker.

1. Longevity

Simply put, a good broker needs to have experience — trial-and-error is everything. When shopping around, industry longevity is a good indication of a brokerage’s success rate. A good broker or 3PL will have built a solid foundation for you to piggyback on, and use that knowledge to help you grow. The longer they’ve been in the game, the more efficiently they’ll be able to get you the results you need.

2. Integrated Solutions

Complex logistics are commonplace across several industries. The best brokers are able to recognize issues before they arise and offer creative solutions when they do. Cookie-cutter answers are a thing of the past. Be sure to select a broker who can offer customized plans, reporting and a dedicated customer service team when you need them most.

3. Multi-Faceted Services

The best brokers provide more than just transactional solutions — they’re full-time logistic partners. Be on the lookout for a values-driven brokerage that can handle all aspects of your business, including needs not-yet-identified. The more services they can offer, the more advice they can dole out for logistics issues across the board (especially when it comes to those inevitable transportation emergencies).

4. Market Knowledge

Insight is everything. A good broker is deeply aware of the marketplace, current events and new data trends, and possesses the tools necessary to monitor the direction the industry is going. Transportation markets are very fluid and influenced by dozens of factors. A good broker will be able to utilize that data to provide expert-level consultations.

5. Transparency

A prevalent issue in the transportation industry is a lack of brokerage transparency. Some companies fear that openly sharing business practices or pricing will threaten their bottom line. However (and especially with the technology currently available) it’s critical to offer customers honest insights into the company’s actions. If your relationship with your brokerage doesn’t hinge on trust, it’s not the right one for you!

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